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Trumer Pils is on tap for only $3!
MetroMint is free!

American and European brewmasters have come together to create the Trumer Brauerei Berkeley. With a passionate commitment to the Pilsner style, this international team has worked tirelessly to preserve every detail of the original Trumer Pils process of its centuries old brewery in Salzburg, Austria. Their efforts have paid off. Trumer Brauerei Berkeley combines the heritage and tradition of the old world with the new world’s dedication to craft brewing.

Trumer Pils







Metromint is refreshment, simplified. Just pure water and real mint — no sweeteners, no calories, no preservatives.

Metromint doesn’t just taste fresh, it feels fresh. Real mint stimulates the
brain to open your senses and send a cooling sensation from head to toe—
we call this The Chill Factor. Metromint satisfies your thirst, rejuvenates your
body, and revives your soul.

The unique, all natural benefits of Metromint now come in four vibrant
varieties: super cool Peppermint, subtle Spearmint, bright Lemonmint and
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