sfMacIndie 2015 Sponsors

Principal Sponsors

FastSpring logo

FastSpring®, the #1 e-commerce payment platform for Mac developers, provides an all-in-one cloud-based e-commerce, merchandising & fulfillment solution. Sell your desktop software, SaaS, games, e-books or other digital products online—worldwide. Support for one-time and recurring billing, and for both web and in-app purchasing.

Things logo

Things is the quintessential task manager, designed and engineered in Stuttgart, Germany. With over 4 million downloads, this Apple Design Award winner is loved for its balance between power and ease of use, and continues to make getting things done a delightful experience with the all-new Things for Apple Watch.


Contributing Sponsors

DevMate logoDevMate helps developers prime their applications for release, making it incredibly easy to set up product licensing, deliver updates to customers, get user feedback, integrate crash reporting, and a whole lot more. Whether you’re an indie developer or an established company, DevMate gives you all the necessary tools to sell your applications outside the Mac App Store and analyze your data.

Boinx logo
We make cool photo and video software for Mac, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. We are proud to be sponsors of sfMacIndie and wish all of you a great time.

Rage SW logoRAGE Software develops EverWeb, the easy to use, drag and drop website builder for OS X. With EverWeb, anyone can build a website with no coding required. Get the free demo here: www.ragesw.com
BBM logo
BackBeat Media: Formed out of the original management team at The Mac Observer 15 years ago, BackBeat Media continues to provide advertising sales and support for some of the Apple world’s most prestigious websites and podcasts for over a decade. BBM represents MacCast, Mac OS Ken, Coverville, Mac Geek Gab, Apple Insider, MacSurfer, MacNN, The Mac Observer and more.
Mac Geek Gab logoMac Geek Gab: Often called “Car Talk for Apple Users,” Mac Geek Gab has been answering listener questions for ten years this month. Dave Hamilton and John F. Braun have a very personable style and the ability to take complex issues and break them down for everyone to hear. The hosts’ three decades in the business of helping people make MGG your first stop to get help and learn. Be sure to subscribe, listen, learn … and don’t get caught!
Yodel Code logoYodel Code is an independent iOS development studio, creating both self-branded iOS apps,and custom apps for clients. “Slip” is the latest title from Yodel Code – an app for simple, fast, and secure contact exchange with another person. Slip makes it easy to stay in touch with the people you meet. Download Slip for free today. Business cards no longer required!

Promotional Sponsors

LOYAL3 logo
LOYAL3 is a web, mobile and social media platform that makes it possible to own stock in the brands you love and invest in IPOs, fee-free. Visit LOYAL3.com to get started.
AltConf logo
AltConf is a free, community-driven and supported event, held in downtown San Francisco alongside Apple’s WWDC.